May 1, 2014

Why Developed



In 2017, our name changed from NutriVision Complete to HORIZON Complete.  We wanted a  name to reflect that our goal is for your vision to be protected “for today and into the future.” HORIZON Complete contains the exact same formula that was in NutriVision Complete.  Combining supplements for eye and body prevents taking the same vitamins twice.

ALSO, we added a second product,  HORIZON Basic, which contains the exact formulation in the AREDS2 study.  This basic formula is designed for those who have a favorite multivitamin they are already taking and are just adding a macular protection vitamin.

THE STORY OF Horizon Complete

(Previously known as NutriVision Complete)

Eye Associates Medical Group Extensive Study

Since 1989, the ophthalmologists at Eye Associates Medical Group have been conducting an extensive study of patients in their practice, to more specifically quantify the effects of nutritional supplements on the time-to-conversion of “dry” to “wet” AMD. The clinical impression overwhelmingly supports the use of nutritional supplements in patients with Macular Degeneration to reduce the risk of conversion of “dry” Macular Degeneration to its “wet” more ominous variant.

In planning the Horizon Complete (original formula)

(Previously known as NutriVision Complete)

Tamara C. Suslov, M.D., founder of Eye Associates Medical Group, was guided by her concerns that the majority of our patients were already using multiple drugstore or health food store supplements with little or no guidance from their physicians. We were also conscious of the expenses our patients were incurring by not understanding which product offered them benefit and which represented a waste or even a potential hazard.

The goal was to produce a supplement primarily directed at eye health maintenance and at slowing down the degenerative aging processes.

Horizon Complete was Developed in 2008

(Previously known as NutriVision Complete)

Dr. Kahle expanded on Dr. Suslov’s original formula creating Eye Associates’ own private label macular-protective nutrients and antioxidants called Horizon Complete. Horizon Complete combines vitamins and minerals with other micronutrients needed for eye health to assist in the prevention and control of Macular Degeneration along with a multivitamin supplement needed to promote general overall health. The development of Horizon Complete was in response to our realization that there was no single dietary supplement product that contained ALL of the components currently thought to provide benefit in AMD  as well as a multivitamin for overall health.
We wanted to simplify the regimen for patients so they would not have to take more than 2 capsules a day.
And we were committed to keeping the cost reasonable, affordable, and competitive.

Horizon Complete is Reasonably Priced

The price of Horizon Complete is competitive. Because the product is inclusive of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients noted in this article, 2 capsules per day are considered sufficient and additional purchases of bilberry, lutein, etc. are not needed.
Horizon Complete is reasonably priced and only requires 2 capsules daily.
Formula is constantly updated in accordance with new proven research results.

Macular Degeneration, an important public health issue

Macular Degeneration accounts for significant blindness in older Americans. It is estimated that in 2030 there will be 88 million patients with Macular Degeneration. Medical science, and especially molecular genetics as well as multiple ophthalmological studies involving various treatment modalities, are making great strides in understanding the pathophysiology and treatment of AMD. However, prevention (both primary and secondary), is the mainstay of limiting visual impairment and disability from AMD. We feel prevention should be the key modality in any disease with the goal of trying to avert human suffering, maximizing the health of the public, and minimize the cost of health.
Judicial use of nutritional supplements, which have been evaluated for their contents and dosage to provide potential benefit and to avoid any harmful effect, is a natural alternative welcomed by today’s society.

Any additional inquiries regarding our HORIZON macular health products should be directed to Eric J. Kahle, M.D. at 6880 Palm Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472; (707) 823-7628 or please contact us online.