May 1, 2014

Who is at Risk?

Statistics for the Prevalence of Macular Degeneration:

  • 14.4% of people between the age of 55 and 64
  • 19.4% of people between ages 65 and 74
  • 36.8% of people over the age of 75 (often have debilitating reduced vision issues)

Who is at a Higher Risk?

  • Offspring or relatives of persons with Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Persons with greatest sun exposure
  • Smokers have greater risk (30%)
  • Fair colored blue eyed persons

Baby Boomers are at Risk

Baby boomers are at risk of getting macular degenerationIt is strongly recommended that anyone over 50 begin an eye nutrition program like Horizon Complete.

We have been talking about the graying of America for many years, but the true impact of the graying of America is not going to become noticeable or felt as intensely as it will when the baby boomers enter that phase of their lives.

Macular Degeneration is of the most important significance as a public health and quality of life issue

It is estimated that in 2030 there will be 88 million patients with Macular Degeneration. Currently Macular Degeneration accounts for significant blindness in older Americans.

Carl Kupfer, M.D., Director of the National Eye Institute, which is part of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has announced that 81 million dollars of the 1998 budget were dedicated to the study of macular degeneration.

Eye Associate’s Ophthalmologists began intense research on vitamins and AMD in the 90s which resulted in the development of Horizon Complete

The development of Horizon Complete was in response to the realization that there was no single dietary supplement product that contained ALL of the components currently thought to provide benefit for macular degeneration.

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